Thursday, March 25, 2010

Google Buzz share count button for Blogger / Blogspot blogs

Integrate Google Buzz Button in Blogger with some simple hacks is very easy now. After introducing Google Buzz in global market now buzz have started to dominate the micro blogging arena and every blogger wants to Add Google Buzz Button in Blogger Blogs, With this service users can now share the stuffs with each other. Google have not provided any script for adding a social bookmarking button for your blog. So if you want to Add the Google buzz Button in your Blogspot blogs then follow the steps given below here.

How to Add Google Buzz Button in Blogger:

Step 1: Login to Your Blogger Account.

Step 2: On Your Dashboard, Click on Layout

Step 3:Now Click on HTML


Step 4: Now Check the box of Expand Widget Templates
Note: Before Applying Any Changes Please Download the Full Template for your Backup.

Expand template code

Step 5: Now you can add the Google Buzz Button either at the end of the each post or below the title of the each post.

Step 5.1: If you want to add the button at the end of each post then find this code in your template.

Now paste this code belowe
<script src=""></script>

Now Save Template.

If you want more stylish and different button click on Image.

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